What is JTF?

Junior Theatre Festival is a 3-day festival where thousands of kids ages 8-18 get to come together for a mix of adjudications, workshops, and live performances by Broadway professionals. For JTF Atlanta, we also do other activities on our own.


Everyone wanting to attend JTF ATL 2025, including chaperones, must be signed up by 10 am on September 2nd, 2024. Everyone wanting to attend JTF West 2024, including chaperones, must be signed up by 10 am on October 1st, 2024.Register as soon as possible! We have passive fundraisers year-round that you will receive money for just by being signed up. More info on that in the fundraising section!

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When is JTF?

Granbury Theatre Academy now takes 2 separate trips to Junior Theatre Festival.

  • Ages 13-18 will attend JTF Atlanta in Atlanta, GA on January 16th-20th, 2025.
  • The 8-12 year-olds will attend JTF West in Sacramento, CA on February 7th-10th, 2025.

Distinction is based on the student’s age by audition day. If your student turns 13 between September 2nd & October 1st, send Matt a message.

Age Groups




Position Explanations

  • Student Director (Only Atlanta): Will have the opportunity to work very closely with the director, and potentially block a scene.
  • Student Choreographer (Only Atlanta): Will have the opportunity to choreograph a section of the performance. The section will be chosen by the head choreographer. 
  • Choreography DVDs: We get to choose a few students to attend auditions to be in the iTheatrics Choreography DVDs provided for all companies that license Broadway Junior shows. They hold an initial audition and then two sets of callbacks at the festival. Students choosing to be considered need to be aware that if they are chosen and cast by iTheatrics for these DVDs, it includes about a 1-week rehearsal/recording session in New York City. This trip would be entirely funded by the student/their family, not Granbury Theatre Academy.
  • Technical Theatre Track (Only Atlanta): Students are able to attend technical theatre masterclasses in place of the acting, dancing, and singing masterclasses.


There will be some fundraising that needs to be worked in order to receive the fundraising. There will be others that are more passive and don’t require anything from us; those will be spread out for everyone attending, including chaperones. There will be a way for you to opt out of individual or all fundraising activities if you so wish in order for other families to receive the fundraising if you do not feel you need it. Fundraising will only be available to those who have signed up prior to each activity. For example, if we have a fundraising activity on 4th of July, and you don’t sign up until July 10th, you cannot receive any of the fundraising from July 4th. There will be a link sent to those registered with more information, but here are the dates.

  • Ushering Saturday matinees for Mainstage shows at the Granbury Opera House
  • Bake Sales: 5/24-5/26 7/4-7/7, 9/6-9/8, 10/25-10/27
  • Cruise Raffle
  • Fall Opening-Night BBQ